Who We are

Everything BlaqClouds

We are a team of dedicated professionals that bring our clients concepts into a digital reality. With more than 3 decades of hands-on experience, our team consisting of +250 Project managers, Quality Control Directors, Graphic designers, programmers and classy geeks that deliver perfect results. BlaqClouds - its Project Development for the real World

Mission & Vision

Design, Develop & Deliver

Our Mission

To see each project as a solution and through the efforts of our entire team, to bring our clients and their projects to the masses, and deliver outstanding results.

Our Vision

Simply put. We are striving to become a global leader in Digital Development. Our end Vision is to service and deliver perfection to our clients. Their testimonies to our work ethics and standards will help drive our Vision and reach our goals.


We work in time zones across the globe. In today's fast paced world sometimes the 9-5 clock just doesn't cut it. If a client needs us - we are there. We have 24/7 ticket support and a strong support network in 3 parts of the world covering all time zones.


To support our growing client base and their needs we have a number of initiatives in place to maintain our serviceability and maintainability. Our Global hosting networks maintain 24/7 support to our clients and our online network means we maintain contact with our clients at all times.


Proposal Stage

We assess our clients needs and draft efficient proposals and contracts-(Digitally)


Design & Stage

We design frameworks, database needs and pre-launch initiatives-(Collaboration)


Develop Stage

We develop/code projects based on the SCOPE defined in our Proposals-(No Surprises)


Deliver Stage

We deliver our projects on time and on budget- You own the source codes-(its your Project)


Past & Present

Our evolution over the past 20 years has seen us working on projects in a variety of industry sectors. We have grown from humble beginnings and merged along the way with others companies to now. The path has been up and down at times, but it's all been a learning experience which has allowed us to become and a true global digital agency.

  • Davis & Partners Project Management 1991-2012 (Project Managers)
  • Virtual World of Sports, Inc 1999-2002
    (Digital Gaming)
  • Warpspeed Technologies Pty Ltd 2013-2016 (Project Managers)
  • BlaqClouds, Inc - 2016
    (Full Digital Agency)

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