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Creating software as a service (SAAS) solutions for an ever-increasing digital landscape.

1st October 2019



Q2 2020


Creating A Software Eco System To Feed Profitability

By creating software solutions that solve specific problems, we’re able to provide huge value to our subscribers, allowing us to upsell them to multiple services creating a “BlaqClouds” software environment.

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To become the primary outlet for recruiters and job seekers and to innovate the HR tech industry with career segmented job boards.

Our first product ‘ethesia’ was released to the market on October 1st. It is an online job board designed and developed specifically for the anesthesia community in the US. This is a niche market and therefore typical avenues don’t satisfy both recruiters and job seekers.

Digest larger amounts of data


Uninterupted search experience


Browse more jobs in less time
SMS notifications
Sub-users on accounts


Promote is an automated marketing platform designed to allow small businesses to conduct their own marketing campaigns. Promote is simple yet very effective, easy to operate and does not require a complex learning curve. Clients can have complete control of their marketing, manage marketing dollars (no expensive surprises) and with real time feedback are able to monitor the results of any marketing efforts continually.

We developed an email campaign builder designed to make sales. Forget coding or designing custom graphics, Promote offers streamlined email marketing tools that can create complex campaigns at the touch of a button. Customers can use proven email templates to convert and close their existing database.

eCommerce Templates

You can connect your store to one of our eCommerce mail templates. These have been designed to optimize eCommerce conversions on platforms like woocommerce, shopify, bigcommerce, squarespace ect.

Marketing Automation

Make sure your emails get to the right people at the right time with campaign automations. This keeps you in constant contact with your customers.

DIY Templates

Use our easy drag and drop designer to create your own designs. These custom templates can be saved and used for automated campaigns.

Advanced Analytics

Monitor and review the success of each campaign. BlaqPromote offers advanced reporting features you can access at any time.

Social Integration

BlaqPromote integrates with popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Simply drag and drop your social icons onto template designs.

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The way we promote our business to the world to attract new customers has evolved into a precise science with internet marketing, AdWords, social marketing and an array of options that if not managed effectively will burn your marketing dollars with little to show for your efforts.To ensure you stay on top of your marketing, you must have visual access to your current marketing campaigns.

Simply subscribe and add as many websites, campaigns, promotions as you like by selecting the right monthly plan for your company. Your private account will have a custom code script which is pasted into your websites to track and produce all the analytics necessary to effectively manage a marketing strategy. Our team will even insert the tracking codes for users if required.

Live Reporting

No more waiting for reports. BlaqStats gives you live visitor information.


Our responsive design allows you to check your stats from any device.

Easy Access

Get instant data when you need it. Browsers, pages, devices, and more.

24/7 Support

If you have a question or get stuck, we’re always here to help!

Easy To Use

Our dashboard, unlike Google Analytics, is ridiculously easy to navigate.


Robust website analytics drives good business decisions.

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A significant problem facing employers that have a team (any amount from 1 to 500+) working digitally, is the temptation for the occasional ‘browse’ on the internet during working hours. It hurts businesses more than you would think. The latest statistics tell us that illicit use has developed into a $780 billion dollar market, in the US alone.

Trax delivers the most efficient solution which is, without doubt, monitoring the entire workplace network and any remote computers that are linked to it. For example, Trax takes eight screenshots per minute of every computer monitored by the application. Employers can visually see what an employee has been doing while ‘on the clock’. 

Real Time Tracking

BlaqTrax will not only track the total time worked by every person on your team, it will also provide a breakdown on how much time is spent on which tasks.


From productivity reports to the activity log, every action taken on your devices is recorded and sorted in easy to read reports that give you valuable insights on who’s working and who’s not…

Random Screenshots

BlaqTrax takes 8 random screenshots per minute of every staff members screen. This means you can monitor everything your staff views on their computer while they’re on the clock.

URL Tracking

BlaqTrax monitors every website that gets visited while your staff members are on the clock. This information is easily accessible for you to view in your dashboard.

Activity Tracking

BlaqTrax monitors mouse movements and keyboard strokes so you know who are working while they’re on the clock… and who’s not…

Excellent Support

We pride ourselves on our outstanding support. BlaqTrax is super simple to install and setup for your business but if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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Geo monitors the movement of employees or contractors that work ‘in the field’ or ‘on the road’. This unique platform facilitates direct visual communications between invited and accepted participants on a private map space. The source client can invite participants to the private map via SMS or email directly to mobile phone, tablet, laptop and any geo-located device. This type of technology is widely used in today’s commercial environments. .

No Installation

Most tracking applications require software or hardware to be installed to be functional. Ours doesn’t.

Real Time Tracking

GeoBlaqTrax users can track their employees in real time. A very useful tool for managers.

On Any Device

GeoBlaqTrax can be used on your desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet…all you need is an internet connection.

Track on Map

The tracking is displayed on a digital map just like Google Maps. It can be monitored live while the feed is connected.

Email/SMS Integration

geo BlaqTrax requires no installed software or hardware, simply start the tracking session by sending an SMS or email for the recipient to approve and enable tracking.

Excellent Support

GeoBlaqTrax is very simple to install and setup for your business but if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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Biz is a Human Resource administration platform that provides a simple yet effective system which is designed to lighten the HR load. Today there are so many options and solutions for a business to manage their departmental affairs that it becomes impossible to know what works, what doesn’t and at what cost. It’s a bit ‘hit and miss’.

Time is money in this modern world, efficiency and ROI are kings. But the truth is most businesses are unstructured having completely detached accounts, communications, recruitment, finances, emails and all the other things they need. In most cases, none of these separate segments talk to each other.


Manage all of your employees payroll data inside of BlaqBiz. Make use of the Payroll templates included and receive advanced salary reports.


BlaqBiz is a safe place to store account information, transactions and statements. The reporting feature makes tax time easier than it’s been in the past.


Manage attendance, rosters, annual leave and more. Oh, and you can export an employees report with the click of a button to CSV PDF, Excel, etc.


Expanding your team has never been easier with job post templates, candidate profiles and scheduled interview information all ready to be put to work.

Performance Reports

The performance indicator organizes employee evaluations in the one place. There are templates available to make this easy for management.

Excellent Support

We pride ourselves on our outstanding support. BlaqBiz is super simple to install and setup for your business but if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

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