Software Solutions For Real World Problems

BlaqClouds develop software as a service (SAAS) solutions to address problems small to enterprise businesses face on a daily basis. Providing useful technology to the marketplace lies at the core of our ethos.

Software Solutions For Real World Problems

BlaqClouds develop software as a service (SAAS) solutions to address problems small to enterprise businesses face on a daily basis. Providing useful technology to the marketplace lies at the core of our ethos.


Software As A Service

Just two short decades ago, the software as a service (SaaS) industry was a vastly different space. In the late 1990s through the early 2000s, companies asked the question “what is SaaS” and soon began to abandon on-premise software models (essentially software installed directly onto computers) in favor of SaaS offerings (software accessed through the internet). This transition brought professionals a smattering of tools in various markets with the intentions of simplifying their day-to-day work.. Although the resources available online have come a long way, demands aren’t being met. 

A recent survey shows that 65% of business professionals don’t feel satisfied with the software tools available online, both in their capabilities and value for money. 


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All of Blaqclouds products were inspired by the 30 years of experience our team has in the IT industry. In more recent years we were introduced to the SaaS business model and just like the current market, we were frustrated. The user experience on Facebook and other social platforms had set expectations high, SaaS apps weren’t keeping up.

Starting out as a customer, we have subscribed to hundreds of SaaS applications. Watching this new industry grow, realizing its strengths and weaknesses. So we decided to turn these weaknesses into our strengths.

We created a team of highly skilled developers that specialize in software applications. Our team is spreads from the US, India, Australia and Philippines. A team that approach projects with a customers mindset. Understanding our markets frustrations is our primary focus.


Our SAAS Products


Our SAAS Products

BlaqClouds has acquired an online job board tailored to anesthesiologists. Ethesia’s powerful technology will give recruiters the valuable data that they never had so they can refine their recruiting strategies. An incredible user experience backed by powerful software that will change the way the industry operates. On top of this, Ethesia’s pricing model is much more affordable than its competition.

The market will always select the better option eventually as long as it’s marketed well and remains available. Providers are ready to change their resource for job posting now and Ethesia will be the company they turn too. We’ve heard first hand from the largest staffing firms and hospitals in the U.S. that they are happy to pay us for the service if it’s better than what they currently use.

There is a bigger picture.  Career segmented job boards excite us. While acquiring Ethesia we quickly discovered many industries that are crying out for a modernized recruitment outlet tailored specifically to their niche.

Ethesia’s technology can be duplicated and tailored for a new career segment in as little as 14 days.

Our second product ‘Blaqsuite’ will be released in early 2020. This is a suite of software as a service (SAAS) products focused on alleviating the complexities of managing a business. Developed for companies of any size, Blaqsuite will consolidate 80% of customers monthly ‘business management subscriptions’ into one, state of the art, software suite.

The average business manager does not need eight different subscriptions from eight different companies. We are going to disrupt this market of redundancy.

This product was inspired by BQ’s executive’s own frustration. Relying on so many applications and paying excessively for monthly subscriptions. We would often dream of managing all areas of business within one software suite. We quickly learned that the majority of managers shared this dream. So we did something about it.

The average business professional is having to navigate and pay for eight different SaaS applications. Blaqsuite is the answer to SaaS saturation. 

Combining New Technologies With Proven Business Models

Our products are built with consumers in mind.

By coupling technologies that solve problems organisations face on a daily basis, we quickly move customers through a value ladder, subscribing them to multiple problem solving platforms to truly create a “BlaqClouds” software environment for our users

Our Brands

Five Spheres. One Process.

We utilise our resources to take products from conception through to market penetration.









The Faces Behind Our Success


The Faces Behind Our Success

Troy has over 30 years of technical and business experience, from developing and patenting the first face to face mobile connecting system to taking companies public on both the OTC and NASDAQ markets.

Troy Davis


With his experience in omni-channel digital marketing, front end development and conversion rate optimization, Callum manages our marketing strategies and validates the acquisition strategies behind BlaqClouds products.

Callum Liddell

Marketing Director

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