Who We Are - you might ask?

BlaqClouds Inc is a public listed company in the USA registered on the OTC Markets.

Our stock symbol is BCDS, which you can search on all financial stock website.

We are a software development company with offices in Los Angeles and Cebu in the Philippines. We specialize in enhanced community software and make our technology available to the public as a software as a service (SaaS).

Our teams are based in the USA, Philippines, and soon India and the U.K.

For three decades, we have been designing and developing software solutions in a wide variety of vertical markets. Today, we are focused on three areas of community-based communications. (1) Collaborative Social Networks – (2) A.I. Marketing – (3) Video Communications.

These three markets are all community-centric – we provide these markets with intelligent solutions to communicate effectively, either remotely or directly.

As the world is quickly changing before our eyes, the "new normal," as we now know it, we have had the opportunity during this past few months to refine our core business model and make way for a more stable future for our company, our shareholders and our teams that make this company great.

"While the end of 2020 will have challenges in adopting change, BlaqClouds has already begun to forge ahead, looking past this year and into 2021 and beyond." – "I believe we are stronger and have many exciting opportunities ahead."

Troy Davis – CEO/Founder.

BlaqClouds Inc.

Troy B Davis

One day the people that don’t even believe in you will tell everyone how they met you. - Johnny Depp

Peter Johnson
General Manager

Have enough courage to start and enough heart to finish. – Jessica N. S. Yourko

The Past - COVID19 & The Future


  1. Stripe Atlas Sponsorship

    Atlas Stripe accepted our business proposal in the global accelerator program.

  2. BlaqClouds Inc - Delaware

    The private company was incorporated in Delaware, USA.

  3. Silicon Valley Bank

    With the assistance of Atlas Stripe, BlaqClouds opened its commercial banking with the Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara, California.

  4. The IRS

    The Internal Revenue Service issued BlaqClouds its official Employer Identification numbers.

  5. BlaqSuite Development Milestone.

    Blaqclouds dev teams reached its milestone in the development of BlaqTrax – now known as TracBytes.

  6. Private Funding.

    The first Private Funding was sourced to continue research and development of our technologies.

  7. Long Term Private Investor.

    Blaqclouds secured its first long term private investor. With a long-term approach to support the company over the next 2 years.

  8. USA Discovery Tour

    The CEO of the company travelled the USA aligning strategic partnerships with developers and commenced long term infostructure plans.

  9. BlaqClouds Inc – Los Angeles

    BlaqClouds opened its Head Office in downtown Los Angeles.

  10. Global Discovery Group

    BlaqClouds signed contracts with GDG as their Investor Relations Group.

  11. Executive Appointment

    Peter Johnson was appointed as an executive to act as General Manager.

    Taylor Davis was appointed as an executive to act as Asia Pacific Project Manager.

  12. Executive Appointment

    Callum Liddell was appointed as a company Executive to manage the global Marketing operations.

  13. Cebu Office - Philippines

    BlaqClouds opened is Research and Development office in I.T. Park – Cebu.

  14. Our Dev Team

    Recruitment of our full stack developers’ team in our Cebu office.

  15. Legal Council - Philippines

    The company appointed its Legal Counsel in Cebu – Philippines.

  16. CPA Accountants

    The Company appointed its CPA Accountant in Cebu to manage the financial affairs of the company.

  17. Public Company Negotiations

    The Company started its negotiations with Equity Partners to acquire a listed company in the USA.

  18. Legal Counsel - USA

    The Company appointed its long-term legal counsel – McMurdo Law in the USA.

  19. Office Relocation

    BlaqClouds relocated its commercial office to larger space in HM Tower to allow for growth of its developer teams and administration Executives.

  20. Public Company Merge

    BlaqClouds acquired MAXWELL RESOURCES LIMITED as a listed public company on the OTC Markets in the USA.

  21. Name Change

    The State of Nevada officially changed the name of Maxwell Resources to BlaqClouds Inc.


    BlaqClouds Inc was officially listed on the OTC Markets as a public company.

  23. Executive Appointment

    Lyndon Davis was appointed as an Executive to act as the USA regional Manager.

  24. Investor Relations

    Andrew Barwiki was appointed as the Company Investor Relations firm based on Wall St, New York.

  25. Ethesia Acquisition

    The company signed a $3m software acquisition deal – Ethesia is a niche job boards platform for the Anesthesiologist industry.

  26. BCDS – Stock Symbol

    FINRA issued the official change of Stock Symbol from MAXE to BCDS.

  27. BCDS – Stock Symbol

    FINRA issued the official change of Stock Symbol from MAXE to BCDS.

  28. Institutional Investors Road Show

    The CEO of the company completed a roadshow of New York investors to support the growth of the public company. New relationships and alliances were formed.

  29. 2nd trip to New York

    The CEO met with existing institutional investors for the second time to negotiate firm contracts.

  30. 3rd trip to New York

    The CEO presented the company full business plans to institutional investors in New York with several investors making term sheet commitments.

  31. COVID 19 – The Pandemic

    The CEO returned to Cebu as the world prepared for unprecedented change. – Wall St dropped 3000 points in 3 days making this a historic event in the world financial history.

  32. COVID 19 – Lost major Investor

    BlaqClouds lost its major long term investor based in Australia due to the uncertainty of current global events.

  33. COVID 19 – Termination of company Executives & Development team

    The company was forced to terminate its current Executive team and scale down its development team in Cebu.

  34. COVID 19 – Lockdown in the Philippines

    The company was forced to vacate is commercial offices and cease working due to Enhanced Quarantine Laws.

  35. Joint Venture Negotiations

    The company started negotiating Joint Venture agreements with strategic partners in India, U.K, USA. The new BlaqClouds will outsource its mainstream workforce for a better financial future.

  36. Terminated Acquisition contract - Ethesia

    The company was forced to terminate its acquisition contract of Ethesia.

  37. The start of a new Era for BlaqClouds Inc.

    The company returned to its commercial offices after ECQ Lockdown for 9 weeks.

  38. Acquisition of new technologies

    The company successfully acquired to global rights to two new SaaS technology platforms.

  39. The new BlaqClouds

    The company presents its new websites and technologies to new investors to ensure the growth of our public company and the security to our investors and shareholders.

  40. BlaqClouds completes DeskReach

    BlaqClouds completed the development of its new helpdesk/support platform. This technology will become the core product for BlaqClouds.

  41. BlaqClouds BOT Builder is ready to go!

    BlaqClouds finished the build of its new A.I. Bot building workstation. This is the leading marketing bots technology and BlaqClouds is ready to deploy.

  42. BlaqClouds new Business Plans

    BlaqClouds has completed it's updated business model and its business plans and invitations are being sent to institutional investors around the globe.

  43. BlaqClouds Launches it's new products and websites.

    After 6 months of hard work, we are have launched our new websites and our two new products - DeskReach and DeskReach - BOTS.