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Innovation At Its Finest

Collectively, BlaqClouds has over 50 years of experience in the planning, design and execution of digital projects. We work collaboratively throughout the company, valuing autonomy and transparency. Spread over 3 continents, we have a team of executives that manage corporate affairs, public relations, projects, sales & marketing, development, design and much more.

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Developing Global Technology Solutions Since 1990

“We’ve been working in the software and technology sector for 30 years. Our team have done everything from taking a technology company public with an IPO on the NASDAQ through to developing software for different vertical markets. With established offices in both the United States and Asia, our team are equipped to turn any perceived concept or idea we may have into a tangible reality and launch it profitably into the global marketplace through the SAAS business model.”

Troy Davis, CEO & Founder
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Our Offices
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Asia Offices

With huge markets emerging in Asia and the demand for the software we provide, It’s crucial we have a presence to service this market segment.

Our team based in the Philippines in I.T Park are trained and equipped to handle the development and service of the platforms we release into the Asia market space.

Our development, sales, support and admin offices are located in Cebu. We arbitrage the labor skill cost there for most of our technology development.

Los Angeles BlaqClouds Offices

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Los Angeles Offices

Initially founded in the U.S, our presence in downtown L.A allows us to service our markets in North America.

Being members of the stripe atlas program has allowed us to network with some industry heavyweights, allowing us to shortcut our SAAS development programs from design and deployment through to market penetration.

As well as our own private office, this office space gives us access to boardrooms and conferencing facilities. As a member of the WeWork worldwide community, we also have access to over 200,000 business professionals in this network and we have worldwide access to WeWorks shared office space in many countries. 

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San Diego

We have a creative design team that operates out of this office in Ocean Beach, SD. This location will also cater for marketing and sales in the future as our primary market is in the US.

San Diego BlaqClouds Offices

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Our Focus


Consolidating a customer’s subscriptions into one suite. When customers can cancel redundant and overlapping software, everyone wins.


Developing powerful software with an incredible user experience.
UX (user experience) moves so fast, most applications fall behind. This is a big part of our focus.


Pricing our software so it is affordable and customers are satisfied
with the value received for money