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Who We 


BlaqClouds Inc is a public listed company in the USA registered on the OTC Markets.

Our stock symbol is BCDS, which you can search on all financial stock website.

We are a software development company with offices in Los Angeles and Cebu in the Philippines.

For three decades, we have been designing and developing software solutions in a wide variety of vertical markets.

What We


We are associated with developers all over the Globe.  We are part of a brains trust network.

We have access to the most talented people in the I.T. Industry.

We Plug'N'Play the right resources for the right job at the time.  We also believe in not reinventing the wheel. - If it's been built - we use it as a base and make it more than it could ever be.                                   

Communications today allow us to all work remotely, but still be connected to collaborate and achieve outstanding results..

As the world is quickly changing before our eyes, the "new normal," as we now know it, we have had the opportunity during this past year to refine our core business model and make way for a more stable future for our company, our shareholders and our teams that make this company great.

"While the end of 2020 will have challenges in adopting change, BlaqClouds has already begun to forge ahead, looking past this year and into 2021 and beyond." – "I believe we are stronger and have many exciting opportunities ahead."

The best thing that has happened to BlaqClouds in years is our change to focus directly on one service and make it the best in the world.  -  We can do that with SafeStreets.

Troy Davis

Founder - BlaqClouds Inc

Connect with BlaqClouds Inc

SafeStreets makes the world a better! - SAFER PLACE  TO LIVE! - one community at a time.

For the past 2 years we have been busy working on  other projects and other tools.  -  We are now 100% focused on SafeStreets.  We have stopped development on other projects to roll our SafeStreets online communities our across the world.

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