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Launching each new Community

We have a clear On-Boarding process to
launch each SafeStreets Community.

Research - Preparation & Deployment

Setting up and launching our communities to the public requires a dedicated team - and a clear defined on-boarding process.
To release one of our ONLINE communities for public use - it must first be prepared and integrated OFFLINE!

SafeStreets is the first PRIVATE online community portal to be fully integrated into our offline communities.

This is what sets SafeStreets apart from any other community providers that are only online. SafeStreets has no restrictions or boundaries and our communities can be launched in any country.


Local Demographics

Each community has around 50,000 residence with a 60%-40% gender ratio.
We look at the average family income to be more than $50k p.a.

Employment Opportunities

Unemployment statistics of around 5%-7% means Employers in the local area have a medium turnover of job opportunities that we can market through our Job Board.

Business Sector

We research the local Business sector to find the most competitive suppliers for our community members.

Authorities and Public Services

We collect and verify all content and data on local Police, Ambulance, Fire, Electricity and Water services.  We connect with and advise all local Authority and Public/Private Associations (such as Private Estate Associations) that SafeStreets will be soon operating in their area.

Crime and Safety

We analyse local Crime Rates and Safety data to determine our support operators resource requirements and what level of training is required for that particular area.


Setting up Infrastructure

This is a canned process for each community and is done through our on-boarding project management systems in our community Business management portal.
- Installation of our Community Private Social platform - (SaaS)
- Setup of the local community page on our SafeStreets website
- Importing of local data into our databases
- Setting up our CITYMAPS portal - (SaaS)
- Setting up our Job Boards portal - (Saas)
- Connecting SafeStreets Travel portal
- Connecting our Security platform
- Connecting our Advertising Network portal - (SaaS)
-Implementing our Amazon Image Scanning platform

Community Administrators

Recruiting and appointing our Community Administrator
- Police Check and Good Standing reporting
- Training of our systems and policies via our Webinar training facilities
- Introduction of our Administrator to all local Authorities
- Media and launch preparations

Support Operators

Recruitment and appointment of our Support Operators
- Training our Operators in our support systems
- Inbound training of special services if required
- Introduction to our e-Learning Academy for ongoing training of dealing with Emergencies
- Trial testing of each Operators aptitude and response times

Connecting Employers and Businesses

Listing local targeted business suppliers in our CITYMAPS business directories
Listing local Employers in our Job Boards directory
- Media and launch preparations

Testing and Media Preparation

We run our canned Pre-Launch and Testing project in our Business Management portal with all teams on board for 24hours to ensure quality and control is optimised for our members user experience.


Community Migration

We migrate our Community portal to our existing live servers and connect it to our top level database
We cross check our online footprint  and links

Local Community Campaigns

Our Administrators use numerous methods of local awareness media both online and offline to make local community residents aware of the launch of SafeStreets in their local area.

Social Media Announcements

We make public postings through SafeStreets 5 social portals that a new SafeStreets community has been launched.

Local Advertising Campaigns

We start our local Business marketing drive to onboard advertising in our Advertising Network

On-boarding of new Members

New members register their own SafeStreet accounts and a required to verify their actual residential status in the community area. Our Support operators process this verification and approve members accounts.

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