Our Global Team intake for 2021 - 2023

Our Research and Development Team

In the past we have maintained our in house team of developers. With our recent changes and restructure, we still have a couple of in house dev's, but we have found it to be financialy better to outsource or main development prior to our new BlaqClouds Launch.

We plan to grow our team over the next 2 years with a mix of in-house and remote teams.

We will also appoint our new Board of advisors in January 2021.

What are we developing now?

Currently we are focusted on our core 3 technologies we call BlaqSuite.

Whats in our future pipeline?

We will spend the next year just refining and making our current platforms the best they can be. We want them to be they best of their kind in the market. We have 5 years of other great technologies to keep us busy when we need it.

Do you design and build software for other companies?

Generally no, as we are 100% focused on BlaqClouds. The exeption would only be if a partnership was offered and the technology complemented our existing suite.


THE NEW TEAM - Intake for our key team members 2021-2023

We are all developers - from Admin to support.

While our developers build our amazing technology platforms, every person in the BlaqClouds team are 'developers' in their own right. - In January of each year starting in 2022 we will hold our annual Team Training Summit. This will bring all our team together for a week full of sharing and caring.

  • Our developers team will grow to 10 with 3 Senior Managers located in the USA and Cebu
  • Our Support team based in 3 countries consists of 10 support crew and 3 Managers
  • Our Marketing team is based in the USA will grow to 6 key Managers and our investor relations team based in Panama with their own team will head our public company growth.
  • Our Executive team and its board of advisors will manage the business direction of the company.