Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact BlaqClouds?

Submit a contact form on our website, use our online chat or call one of our contact numbers on our website.

Where is BlaqClouds?

Our USA office is in downtown Los Angeles and our development office is in Cebu – Philippines.

What is BlaqClouds?

We are software developers marketing our community enhanced software as a service (SaaS) technology platforms.

What is BCDS?

BCDS is BlaqClouds public listed company stock symbol.

Can I buy Shares in BlaqClouds?

Yes, you can contact the company directly or connect with a broker that can buy and sell public company shares.

What is the new BlaqClouds Support website for?

Blaqclouds now has a support website for all customers, investors, and service providers.

You can register your free account in our support site and upload support tickets for our team to work with your issues.

You can chat live to our support team and you will see all your account transactions within your own my-place account.

You can find our support website here: https://deskreach.com/srv/bs/blaqclouds-inc