Consult directly with the company


You can easily buy BCDS stock from your registered broker. But you will pay the market price par value for each share. - BlaqClouds is seeking to raise USD$200k to finalize its Reg A application and the scale-up of the marketing initiatives of our SaaS platforms.
Consult with one of our team now and discover the alternative investment opportunities we have to offer dealing directly with BlaqClouds.


Execute our easy Share Purchase Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement

When you buy shares directly with the Company, its easy.
We have a standard Share Purchase Agreement ("SPA") that clearly outlines your purchase of stock in BCDS. - We use electronic digital signatures, so you can be anywhere in the world and sign our SPA.  It's that simple.


Transhare delivers your Share Certificates

Delivery of your Share Certificates

When you purchase shares directly from the company, we make a resolution to our transfer agents (Transhare) to issue and print your personal individual certificates.  These certificates are numbered and registered with TranShare, and they are published in our financials on the OTC Markets. Certificates are usually printed at the end of each quarter, so depending on your timing of our resolution requests, you will receive your certificates directly from TranShare.


Manage your share portfolio

Once you have your Shares

If you bought your shares from a Broker, you will manage them inside your preferred portfolio application and you can sell them at any time. - We advise investors to have a medium to long term approach to investing in BCDS to allow us time to grow. - If you purchase your shares directly from the company with better incentives, your shares will be "escrowed" for a short period which means you can not sell them until the escrow date has lapsed. This is how we protect the company from too many shareholders selling their stock at any one time.

Good luck with your investing, we hope you become a shareholder in BlaqClouds Inc.