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SafeStreets Operators

Our Support Service are essential and our Console Operators
are the human intelligence behind SafeStreets

Far beyond - chat support!

Our support console operators are the Human Intelligence behind SafeStreets.  Our members interact using our digital systems and portals, but what makes SafeStreets very different is at any time our members can reach our and deal with a REAL PERSON.  That person is our support operators..

Our Emergency 24/7 - 365 Support service to our members is essential - it gives our members 'Peace of Mind' just knowing someone is there. And in a real emergency - our operators know just what to do.

Working as a console operator gives you freedom and flexibility. You can work flexible hours and you can work on a laptop anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

Our Support is Essential

Helping people needs to be a natural instinct to be a great support operator - the best thing is if you are naturally caring and you love helping people - that's the only real skill requirement you need! We can teach you everything else you need..

Operators Check List


Local Area

You must reside in the local area of our SafeStreets Community.  The better your general knowledge of your area the better you will be as a console operator.



You must speak - read and write good English - Even if your area has it's own Language - all our operators are required to have fluent English skills.


Technical Skills

You need to be able to Type well without grammar errors and have a good general knowledge of using a PC. - We will provide you all the training to use our systems.


Compassion and Patients

Our console support is 99% text based support via our live chat consoles. However in the case of Emergency you will be connecting with our members via voice and even video.  You need to be compassionate in your nature and be able to keep any situation under control.  



The more you know about what our members want and need - the better we can help them!  -  During your working shift if your not engaged on a live support call - you will be researching content and ways to serve our members better! - Our systems will guide you.



Our operators are required to know everything about SafeStreets and what our members can and can't do. Operators need to understand our other systems to be able to assist our members effectively.  We will train you in - SafeStreets - CityMaps - Job Boards - TravelTrippa and our other technologies.


Initiative for Advancement

A good operator needs to be able to think on their feet - use their own COMMON SENSE and be able to adapt to changes without waiting to be told what to do! - Operators that show good Initiative will be given opportunities to advance with SafeStreets. 


International Travel

Operators will have to opportunity to transfer to other communities in other area's or countries. Operators will also have access to our discounted travel services.  


If you think you would make a great support operator and you want to apply to be a SafeStreets Operator in your area - Click the BLUE BUTTON on the right and it will take you to our SafeStreets Operators page - fill in the simple email and send it to us. - its all really easy!


SafeStreets makes the world a better! SAFER PLACE TO LIVE! - One Community at a time...

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