Troy Davis

CEO & Founder
35+ Years
+61 468 685 540

Troy Davis has over 30 years of technical and business experience, from developing and patenting the first face to face mobile connecting system to taking companies public on both the OTC and NASDAQ markets.

As the CEO of BlaqClouds, Troy Davis now focusses on developing and bringing to market crucial SaaS (software as a service) platforms that fill a market need.Troy believes in finding what problems businesses face in the marketplace and developing solutions for those problems.

Providing value to users in a SaaS business model allows us to scale multiple platforms quickly and effectively to not only solve problems faced in the business landscape but to also drive revenues for our company and shareholders.

  • White Hills Technical College 1974 – Australia / Melbourne I.T City Campus 1993.
Professional Registrations
  • Athabasca University 2001/2003 – International core unit – MGSC-419 Information technology for Project Management.
  •  RJ45 Financial Services 2013 – Accreditation for general financial services consulting to the travel industry.
A few words from the CEO

The measure of any public company is how well it reacts to changes in the market and in the world at large. As an executive with more than 25 years experience in the IT industry, not only have I reacted to the changing conditions of our often-volatile markets, I have also prioritized finding opportunities and advantages in what others have seen as turmoil. The global market for SaaS applications represents exactly this kind of situation. I am continuously adapting our organization and resources to match the global situation and the shifting balance of the markets in which we operate. We take these measures from a position of financial and strategic strength, reacting to certain trends and anticipating others. The result of this continuous process is an efficient, flexible and dedicated organization. However, the more things change, the more some things stay the same.

I will always aim to be an indispensable partner,a vision that has proven successful for many years. Neither your logo, blog or any press release is the face of a company: you are. Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, as the CEO and face of your company, you have to find interesting ways to connect with your audience and customers or build the team that has a passion for doing it and make them highly accountable.

Be accessible and transparent, even if it immediately means lost business. The respect, trust, and presence you’ll gain is priceless and builds a foundation where many leaders are lacking; an authenticity the markets are hungry for. We have a superb team who creates a great working atmosphere. Management team are totally involved in the office and very supportive. A company that actually uses their own products, putting personal and professional development at the forefront for every employee through coaching.

There’s always laughter somewhere in the office. A genuinely top place to work.

We continuously strive to create a better, more innovative, and compelling workplace, for the near and long term success of our company. That includes a relentless focus on doing what’s right for ALL of our stakeholders by operating our business as transparent as possible and committing to conscious leadership. In closing, as the Chief Executive Officer, I am happy and grateful for how far BlaqClouds has advanced in the past three years. Our vision for the next three years is clear, and our ability to execute is strong. Thank you for taking the time to look through our business plan. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss things further.

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