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TIMELINE 2016 - 2025

CEO- BlaqClouds Inc

"SafeStreets is a game changer"

Over the past 3 years we have developed technologies, made acquisitions, completed our public company merger and have endured the 2020 - Covid 19 Crisis. - Like many companies, it hurt us a lot! -But with persistence and determination we have developed

This is a game changer for BlaqClouds Inc.

2021 - 2025  SafeStreets Online Communities Deployment

We will deploy our online communities across Asia - Australia
USA - Europe - Sth America over the following 3 years


Philippines - Singapore - Malaysia - Taiwan - Hong Kong


Qld - N.S.W - VIC - TAS - S.A - W.A - N.T

New Zealand

Auckland - Hamilton - Wellington - Christchurch

United States

East Coast - West Coast

Baja California

All Tourist Beach Locations


Mexico City - Acapulco - Monterrey - Puerto Vallarta  


United Kingdom- Ireland - Spain - Italy - France -Germany - Norway - Sweden

Sth America

Columbia - Peru - Chile -  Venezuella - Central Brazil

2016 - 2020



A year to go into the history books - Covid19! - But also the rising of SafeStreets - our online global community portals.

1 December  2020

A Brand new BlaqClouds Inc

The company updates its new BlaqClouds Corporate website and announced the Launch of SafeStreets to the public.

#BCDS USD$0.00

17  November 2020

SafeStreets is ready to go!

After months of work- SafeStreets is ready to be seen by the public.

#BCDS USD$0.20

1 September 2020

Planning the Launch of SafeStreets

The Company has full focus on the final development of SafeStreets. Preparation is now undeway for onBoarding and Launching in January 2021.

#BCDS USD$0.07

15 August 2020


Further development of SafeStreets and our Security Platforms.

#BCDS USD$0.07

1 August 2020

BlaqClouds completes DeskReach

BlaqClouds completed the development of its new helpdesk/support platform. This technology will become the core product for supporting our new SafeStreets Communities.

#BCDS USD$0.07

5 June 2027

The new BlaqClouds Beginning

The company stopped all work on technology products to focus exclusively on SafeStreets Online Communities.

#BCDS USD$0.07

2  June 2020

of new technologies

The company successfully acquired to global rights to two new SaaS technology platforms.

#BCDS USD$0.07

1 June 2020

The start of a new Era for BlaqClouds Inc.

The company returned to its commercial offices after ECQ Lock-down for 9 weeks.

#BCDS USD$0.07

7 May 2020

SafeStreets on the drawing board

The Company began designing and developing it new Community Portals.

#BCDS USD$0.06

1 May 2020

Terminated Acquisition contract - Ethesia

The company was forced to terminate its acquisition contract of Ethesia.

#BCDS USD$0.06

25 April 2020

COVID 19 – Lockdown in the Philippines

The company was forced to vacate is commercial offices and cease working due to Enhanced Quarantine Laws.

#BCDS USD$0.06

21 April 2020

COVID 19 – Termination of company Executives & Development team

The company was forced to terminate its current Executive team and scale down its development team in Cebu.

#BCDS USD$0.06

1 March 2020

COVID 19 – Lost major Investor

BlaqClouds lost its major long term investor based in Australia due to the uncertainty of current global events.

#BCDS USD$0.06

25 February 2020

COVID 19 – The Pandemic

The CEO returned to Cebu as the world prepared for unprecedented change. – Wall St dropped 3000 points in 3 days making this a historic event in the world financial history.

#BCDS USD$0.06

11 February 2020

3rd trip
to New York

The CEO presented the company full business plans to institutional investors in New York with several investors making term sheet commitments.

#BCDS USD$0.06

15 January 2020

2nd trip to
New York

The CEO met with existing institutional investors for the second time to negotiate firm contracts.

#BCDS USD$0.06


Acquisitions! - Development! - Expanding our Public Company

4 December 2019

Ethesia Pre-Launch

After extensive development and testing, Ethesia was being prepared to it's public launch.

#BCDS USD$0.09

7 November 2019

Institutional Investors Road Show

The CEO of the company completed a roadshow of New York investors to support the growth of the public company. New relationships and alliances were formed.

#BCDS USD$0.09

19  August 2019 -BCDS

BCDS – Stock Symbol

FINRA issued the official change of Stock Symbol from MAXE to BCDS.

#BCDS USD$0.99

13  August 2019

Ethesia Acquisition

The company signed a $3m software acquisition deal – Ethesia is a niche job boards platform for the Anesthesiologist industry.

#BCDS USD$0.45

6 August 2019

Investor Relations

Andrew Barwiki was appointed as the Company Investor Relations firm based on Wall St, New York.

#BCDS USD$.045

1 August 2019

Executive Appointment

The Company extended it's Executive team inline with it's technology acquisitions

#BCDS USD$1.25 

1 June 2019

Name Change

The State of Nevada officially changed the name of Maxwell Resources to BlaqClouds Inc.

8 May  2019

Public Company Merge

BlaqClouds acquired MAXWELL RESOURCES LIMITED as a listed public company on the OTC Markets in the USA.

18  March 2019

Office Relocation

BlaqClouds relocated its commercial office to larger space in HM Tower to allow for growth of its developer teams and administration Executives.

5 February 2019

Counsel - USA

The Company appointed its long-term legal counsel – McMurdo Law in the USA.


A year of research and developing our BlaqSuite applications

18 September 2018

Public Company Negotiations

The Company started its negotiations with Equity Partners to acquire a listed company in the USA.

1 September 2018

CPA Accountants

he Company appointed its CPA Accountant in Cebu to manage the financial affairs of the company.

20 August 2018

Legal Council - Philippines

The company appointed its Legal Counsel in Cebu – Philippines.

16 June 2018

Cebu Office - Philippines

BlaqClouds opened is Research and Development office in I.T. Park – Cebu.

15 June 2017


The Company expanded is Executive team to include our global marketing stratergies

1 January 2018

Executive Appointment

The Company appointed its Executive Key Managers


Getting our initial funding and forming relationships

5 April 2017

Private Funding.

The first Private Funding was sourced to continue research and development of our technologies.

10 April 2017

Long Term Private Investor.

Blaqclouds secured its first long term private investor. With a long-term approach to support the company over the next 2 years.

8 May 2017

USA Discovery Tour

The CEO of the company travelled the USA aligning strategic partnerships with developers and commenced long term infrastructure plans.

1 September 2017

BlaqClouds Inc – Los Angeles

BlaqClouds opened its Head Office in downtown Los Angeles.

1 November 2017

Global Discovery Group

BlaqClouds signed contracts with GDG as their Investor Relations Group.


Our First Year getting Structured

16  November 2016

BlaqSuite Development Milestone.

Blaqclouds dev teams reached its milestone in the development of BlaqTrax – now known as TracBytes.

29 September 2016


The Internal Revenue Service issued BlaqClouds its official Employer Identification numbers.

27 September 2016

Silicon Valley Bank

With the assistance of Atlas Stripe, BlaqClouds opened its commercial banking with the Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara, California.

16 September 2016

BlaqClouds Inc - Delaware

The private company was incorporated in Delaware, USA.

1 August 2017

Stripe Atlas

Atlas Stripe accepted our business proposal in the global accelerator program.

SafeStreets by BlaqClouds Inc

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